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Bathroom safety is an important issue to address to help prevent slips, trips and falls at home; but it doesn't mean the equipment you order has to be bulky and unattractive. The range of premium accessories from our bathroom safety collection is designed to subtly blend safety rails into your bathroom surroundings whilst minimising the risk of accidents and increasing confidence with reliable, modern products.

Bath Aids

Bath aids are extremely helpful for a lot of older and disabled people. It is a real struggle for many to get into and out of the bath but it can also be quite dangerous too. The high bath wall, the slippery bath floor and the hard, slippery tiling around the bath could all lead to and cause a serious injury.

Spa Bathroom Step

There are various bath aids which can help to reduce the risks associated with bathing though. NRS Healthcare has numerous bath aids such as the Spa Bathroom Step, Spa Stainless Steel Grab Rail or Polished Stainless Steel Grab Rail which can offer a great deal of assistance to people getting into and out of the bath.

Bath steps reduce the distance which the person has to step when getting into or out of the bath whilst grab rails give them something to hold onto for support. This can also help to stop them falling even if they do happen to lose their footing. Other disabled bathing aids are also available