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Even the smallest of bathroom accessories can go a long way in improving safety measures within the home. Not only are our bathroom accessories designed to make a safer and more convenient bathing environment, these great products make mobility or visual impairments a lot easier to live with. From water temperature alerts to brightly coloured easy-use tap handles, our bathroom accessories will make a huge difference to your bathroom routine.

Bath Accessories

NRS Healthcare sells a wide variety of bathing accessories to make it safer and more comfortable for people to have a bath when at home. The bathing accessories range spans from simple bath seats and grab rails to full bath lifts and hoists specifically designed for disabled individuals.

Baby Bath Seats

Bath seats reduce the distance which people have to travel when lowering themselves into the bath. They also reduce the chance of them slipping and falling. Other products include tap turners and long handled bath sponges which are both affordable but very helpful bathing accessories.

The long handled bath sponge lets the user reach their feet without having to bend and stretch too far. The tap turners make it much easier to switch taps on and off and are especially helpful for people with limited grip and hand strength.