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Cleverly designed to prevent your sink from overflowing and to warn you when the water gets too hot, the Magiplug® Flood & Scald Prevention Plug is a great item to increase safety in your home. If
These strong moulded turners provide extra leverage for the user for crosshead taps, making them easier to turn on & off. Simply hook these moulded turners over the top of crosshead style taps to
Fits crosshead and crystal taps, making them easier to turn. The Derby Tap Turner is an economical alternative to replacing taps. They are easily and quickly fixed to most crosshead and crystal taps
The Crystal Tap Turner gives extra leverage allowing for taps to be turned off and on with ease. Designed to fit most crystal taps, the long handle features Braille symbols to assist those with
Easy to fit and adjustable to suit almost any size of crystal or crosshead tap, the Medeci® Crystal & Crosshead Tap Turner has been designed for strength and versatility. It makes turning taps easier
Designed to fit easily onto crosshead style taps, the Easiturn Tap Turners make turning the tap on and off much easier. Acting like a lever, the Easiturn is made from high quality plastic and are
Water temperature alarm - improves bathroom safety! Can also be used as waterproof bathroom clock. Large digit temperature display. If water becomes hotter than the preset temperature it will flash
Gives readings of water temperature, using an attached measuring prong, and alerts if the range is outside that set by the user, whether the water is too hot or cold. When the water touches the two
Designed to squeeze contents of tubes by clamping and squashing them as you turn the knob, the Tube Squeezer is great for toothpastes or even tomato purée. This handy device helps you to get