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Continue living independently with the help of our bath support rails. From bending down to test the temperature of running water, to climbing in and out of the tub, bath support bars are great for providing extra support when you need it most. They also help to prevent slips and falls which makes them a smart and convenient addition to your bathroom.

Bathing Rails

Because getting into and out of the bath presents such a serious risk, it is an excellent idea to add extra support. Stepping over a high bath wall onto a slippery surface is the biggest issue but tiling around the bath is also very unforgiving. A fall into the bath is likely to cause serious injury. Fortunately there are ways to significantly reduce the chance of a fall occurring.

Bathroom Grab Rails

Bath rails are useful for anyone but especially people who feel a little unsteady or worried when they step into the bath. Bath rails provide support so that the person can hold onto something instead of having to rely entirely on the stability of their legs and feet which are stepping onto a slippery bath floor.

Using a bath rail not only increases a person's safety when getting into and out of the bath but it also helps to increase their confidence when bathing in their own home.