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If you find the side of your bath is just a bit too high to stretch over, we suggest investing in a bath step. Versatile and movable, a bath step makes it much easier for you to get into and out of the bath - reducing the distance you need to step up and down. In our range, you can also find a bath step with a tall handle, to help support you when climbing in and out the bath, as well as a red bath step which is easier for those who are visually impaired to locate on the floor.

Bath Steps

One of the biggest problems which NRS Healthcare's older customers face is stepping into and out of the bath. Bath walls are generally quite high and it can be uncomfortable for anyone to step over one. It is even more uncomfortable for older people who are a little unsteady on their feet and this is before considering the risks involved with stepping into a slippery bath.

Bathing Aids

Bathroom steps are one of the most popular bathing aids for the elderly. They reduce the distance which the person has to step and as a result reduce the risk and increase comfort. NRS Healthcare's bathroom steps come in different heights to suit different bathrooms and different people's needs.

Bathing aids for the elderly are extremely helpful and allow the people using them to have more confidence as well as significantly increased safety and comfort.