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It can be difficult to lower into and raise out of the bath if you have an age-related illness or disability which reduces or restricts your movement. That's why we offer a range of bath lifts, which feature an electric bath seat or electric bath chair, to aid those who need extra help in enjoying a relaxing bathing experience. Not only are our bath lifts modern and contemporary, they also offer a more dignified way to get into and out of the bath.

Bath Lifts & Bath Hoists For The Elderly

NRS Healthcare has a wide variety of bath chair lifts and bath hoists for elderly and disabled customers. The bath tub lifts are designed to make it easier for elderly and disabled people to get into the bath tub by removing the stress which the movement involves. We also provide a range of bath lifts for children.


Bath Chair Lifts & Bath Hoists For The Disabled

Bath lifts are very common in the UK and allow the user to sit on a comfortable bath seat and let the bath chair lift provide the lowering movement. The bath hoists sold by NRS Healthcare are to make it easier for disabled and elderly individuals to get into the bath and also to reduce the effort required from their carer if they have one. Both manual and electric bath hoists are available to help lower the user into the bath tub and they offer a much easier and safer way to get into the bath. Click here for more Bathing products.