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The Orca Bath Lift allows the user to sit lower and more towards the back of the bath, giving extra leg room and good immersion in the bath water. The high backrest is designed to provide good
Raising and lowering you in comfort, the Bathing Cushion makes it easier for you to get in and out of your bath. Its clever inflatable design gently lowers you as it deflates and is operated easily
Make time in the bath more enjoyable with the Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift that lifts, lowers and reclines to ensure you're safe and comfortable whilst bathing. Fitting most baths, this strong
Comfortable and contemporary, the slimline Bellavita Bath Lift is ergonomically designed to offer a relaxing bathing experience. Developed with the help of healthcare professionals, this bath lift
The KANJO Eco provides perfect hygiene and safety when bathing. This market leading product encompasses the very latest technology. Ergonomically designed the seat and back adjust from a fixed to
Enjoy a relaxing bath with the Neptune Bath Lift. Safe and reliable, it's also lightweight and incorporates an integrated anti-microbial agent, designed to protect against bacteria. Its streamlined
This swivel & slide seat is designed to enable easier transfers on and off the Aquajoy Bath lift. It is easy to fit, and can assist the user to retain their independence and bathe alone without the
Designed to make the Bellavita Bath Lift (M18229) even more accessible for those with limited mobility, the comfortable Vitaturn Turning & Transfer Aid not only rotates but slides horizontally. The
The Neptune Corner & Wide Bath Lift is a pair of sturdy extra wide 290mm side flaps suitable for use with corner or wide baths. Flaps provide a secure platform for safe transfer in and out of corner
Making the Bellavita bath lift even more accessible for those with limited mobility, the comfortable Vitaturn Seat has a soft, anti-slip surface and smoothly rotates to make transferring onto the
Make your bathing experience even more comfortable with the Aquila Cushioned Cover Set. Designed to be fitted over your Aquila Bath Lift, this cover offers a padded base and can be easily removed.
Providing perfect hygiene and safety, the Kanjo Silverline Bathline provides safety when bathing. Encompassing the very latest technology, the efficiently designed seat and back can adjust from a
Practical and budget-friendly, this bathlift lowers you safely to the bottom of the bath and then back to the top again with the touch of a button. Extremely lightweight, this compact bath lift
Enabling you to lower and raise yourself in and out of the bath on the reassuring and comfortable fixed position seat using the battery powered hand control, this bath lift is idea for those who need
The Relaxa Bath Lifting Belt allows you to have a relaxing bath whilst bathing safely. A motorised device to help those who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath. This compact bath lift is
Make your bathing experience even more relaxing with the Aquajoy Premier Plus Upper Body Wing Supports. These Support Wings are easy to attach and with the extra lateral support make it a more
Make your bathing experience even more relaxing with the Aquajoy Premier Plus Back Cover. This gel filled cover is easy to attach and makes it more comfortable to sit back on the bath lift,