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If you're experiencing discomfort when sitting or lying in the bath, we recommend you try a comfortable bath cushion or inflatable bath pillow. These useful products enhance the alleviation of stress that bathing brings and can help you to position yourself effectively when you're bathing, whilst providing adequate padding and support against your bathtub.

Bath Aids For Elderly People

Among the many bath aids for elderly individuals which are sold by NRS Healthcare, support cushions for the elderly are some of the most popular. Relaxing in the bath is an excellent way for older people to reduce aches and pains and so it is important that they are comfortable when doing so.

Support Cushions

Support cushions for the elderly allow older people to lie back and relax instead of having to sit up right because of an uncomfortable bath. The support cushions vary as some support just the head whilst others support the head, neck and even the upper back. Click here for more Bathing products.

As well as support cushions, there are also plenty of other bath aids for elderly people including bath boards, seats, long handled sponges and tap turners. These items allow the user to have a bath in peace instead of struggling with various tasks.