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Enjoy bathing again with a comfortable bath seat or bath chair. Designed to fit inside or over your bathtub, they eliminate the need to lower yourself into the bath so that you can avoid unnecessary discomfort. Adjustable or fixed, a bath chair allows you to bathe easily and safely and is also useful for those with showers over their baths who want to avoid standing up when showering.

Bath Seats For Elderly Adults

Bathing can be difficult for elderly and disabled people because it isn't always possible for them to lower their body down to the bottom of that bath. Because of this NRS Healthcare has a wide range of specially designed disabled bath seats and bath seats for the elderly to make bathing much easier and more relaxing.

Bath Seats for Disabled

NRS Healthcare's bath seats which can be used by adults and children enable the user to sit higher in the bath and reduce the distance which they have to lower themselves. To make bathing an even more simple and relaxing experience, NRS Healthcare also sells various products to accompany the many bath chairs on offer. Bath boards, cushions and grab rails help the user to safely and gradually get into the bath and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

The adult and disabled bath seats vary in height and width so that there is a chair suitable for all types of baths and showers.