Posted on 23/08/2016

Nanna Bea models a bath lift at 80 years young!


My Nanna Bea should be a poster girl for independent living. Even though she's now in her eighties, she's never been viewed as an elderly person. She's always been strong and confident - until just before last Christmas when she fell in her bedroom during the night.

The result was severe bruising down the right side of her body, a black eye and a broken wrist. The cast was on for 2 months and every day she deteriorated - not being able to do simple things like cut her food really got her down.

Worst of all, she couldn't enjoy one of her favourite things - having a relaxing bath at the end of the day. Even after the cast came off, her wrist was too badly damaged to get in and out the tub on her own, making bathing a stressful and demoralising experience.

Then we bought her a Neptune Bath Lift...and everything changed! Her confidence has soared again and she’s completely changed her view on daily living aids. The modern design of the bath lift means she doesn’t feel like an elderly lady when using it and it has made so much difference she wanted to share her experience with other seniors who may need an extra hand with daily activities.

She would never go back, and so here she is modelling a bath lift at 80 years young! We hope you find it uplifting and educational.

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