Posted on 23/08/2016

How the visually impaired can avoid burns when making hot drinks


World Glaucoma Week takes place from 6th - 12th March 2016 and although there are an estimated 500,000 people living with glaucoma in England and Wales, public knowledge about the equipment available to help those living with a visual impairment remains worryingly vague.

We're here to put that right. Whether you're living with cataracts, macular degeneration or you're almost completely blind, our series of videos for World Glaucoma Week 2016 is the starting point to discovering the various equipment available to help you continue living a safe, independent life.

For examples of more visual aids:

For advice on low vision aids or products to assist with blindness, visit and use our Live Chat feature to talk with one of our fully trained Occupational Therapists.

For symptoms of visual impairment and products which can help after diagnosis:

RNIB website:

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