Posted on 02/09/2016

‘Team Digital’ waves goodbye to Work Placement student – don’t forget us!

‘Team Digital’ waves goodbye to Work Placement student – don’t forget us!

The Digital Team are sadly waving goodbye today to work placement student Lydia as she leaves to return to University for her second year of study. Lydia has been doing a fantastic job in the Digital & Marketing department helping with a number of different projects including website banners, product descriptions, product photography, off site work including visiting publishers and even having a go at writing blogs for the website and posts for Facebook & Twitter.

We asked Farhan Hussain, Head of Digital Marketing for his thoughts about Lydia’s time in his department and he commented;
‘After a 15 week placement overall at NRS Healthcare, with 2 months based in Digital, Lydia feels like one of the team and we are sorry to see her go. She has always been happy to help with any task we have, and has worked really hard, making her a great asset to the team.

Lydia was really quiet when she started, but has become much more confident over her time here – Goodbye and good luck for the future! We hope to see you again soon!’

We asked Lydia a few questions about her time here, particularly what she has enjoyed most and how she feels the placement has helped her;
What has been your favourite thing about your work experience at NRS?

I would undoubtedly have to say all the people I have met. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging with everything I have been doing here. It’s been a pleasure to work with everyone, especially Claire and Raaza who have mentored me since I started and the digital team who I have spent most of my time with and have been an absolute delight!

What is the best thing you have done here?
I’m not sure I could choose one. Some of the work has been a very unique experience- I especially enjoyed visiting the NRS warehouse in Walton Summit with Marketing Executive Yasser, where we helped get products ready for the photographer. To my delight I have been able to create posts to put on the NRS social pages and blog.

What have you learned while you have been here?
I’ve learnt many new things- some Photoshop and excel skills as well as learning how to use new websites including Word Press. I have acquired knowledge about new job roles, and what specific job roles include – I had never heard of an OT or a BID team before I started!

What will you take away with you?
A better work ethic- that will be useful for university! I think it has benefitted me to get in the routine of a mix of deadline and continual work, in particularly working for others, as I am very motivated to finish it for them and get a good end result. Many good stories, lots of birthday presents and a stomach full of cake...!

Do you think you have changed during your time here?
Absolutely! I was quite nervous when I started, but the staff all made me feel very welcome. I think this experience has improved my confidence a lot, and I feel positive and more confident about future job roles.

Has the experience helped you decide on a career path once you have finished your degree?
I have still not completely decided! It has definitely given me an idea of the sort of things I would enjoy and wouldn’t enjoy whilst working for a business. I have loved my time in marketing so this is a possibility, I enjoyed the work I did with Jen, Lex and Yasser who all have roles within the Marketing and Digital Team – thanks everyone!

We hope Lydia has enjoyed her time here with us, we have certainly enjoyed having you here and are sorry to see you go!

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