Posted on 02/04/2015



There is a range of stylish seating aids available that offer you extra support and comfort.

High Back Chairs

Rest and unwind with the High Back Chairs which are designed to offer extra support to your head, neck and back, compared to standard chairs. The chairs are supportively cushioned and offer extra lumbar support. They are also height and handle height adjustable, making them ideal for a variety of people.

Leg and Foot Rests

If you want to put your feet up and relax in your favourite chair, the leg and foot rests are a great option to do just that. They come in a range of colours, sizes and materials; so finding the right one for you is easy. The Tuffet is one of the more versatile leg rests. Designed in a ‘L’ shape, it can be used in a rocker style which keeps the legs slightly bent. When flipped over, legs can be outstretched, while the firmness can be adjusted easily with the valve.

Standing Frames

If you need a little extra help sitting down or standing up safely from your chair, there are several products available that make it easier. The Stand Easy Standing Frame can be placed next to your chair, toilet or car and helps you lift yourself up using your own strength. Another option is the Uplift Premium Power Seat. This seat is placed on your chair and using the easy to use hand control, lifts or lowers you down. You can start or stop whenever you choose and has a comfortable memory foam core.

So whether you are watching TV, reading, working and much more, sit back and relax with these seating aids.

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