Posted on 02/04/2015

Help when Eating and Drinking

Help when Eating and Drinking

If you need a little extra help when cooking, or something to help you eat and drink, there are many products out there that can help you not only prepare, but also helps you enjoy your food and drink.

Plates and Bowls

The type of plate and bowls that you use can have a big effect on a day-to-day basis. There are some that have feature deep bowls so you can scoop food onto a spoon or fork using one hand. There are also plates that have a small incline for similar reasons. These plates and bowls make it easier to eat and also promote independence.

There are also several types of bowls, plates or mugs available that are insulated. This means that you can keep your food or drinks warmer for longer, and also colder for longer. This can be especially helpful for people who take longer to eat and drink.

Spread Board

For those who a need a hand when slicing, chopping or opening jars there are many food preparation aids available. The NRS Kitchen Spread Board has a variety of optional accessories from grater to spikes which help make preparing foods that much easier. Two raised edges on the board also make spreading jam or butter on bread and toast simple using one hand.

Mats and Grips

A really helpful product for not only the kitchen and dinning area, but also the rest of the house hold is the non-slip mats and grips. These come in a range of colour and sizes, but can also be cut to size. They prevent plates, bowls, cutlery and much more from slipping off tables, trays or worktops. They can also be used to give you extra grip when opening jars or bottles. These versatile mats and grips will quickly become an indispensible product around the home.

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