Posted on 13/03/2018

Our FREE downloadable Glaucoma Guide in support of World Glaucoma Week

Our FREE downloadable Glaucoma Guide in support of World Glaucoma Week

Did you know there are an estimated 300,000 people living with undiagnosed glaucoma in the UK? 81-year-old Golden Girl, Beatrice, is just one of them and we share her story in our Glaucoma Guide below.

Left untreated, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of sight loss within the UK. Most types of glaucoma do not have symptoms, so it’s important to attend regular eye checks at your opticians. If they discover an abnormality in your vision, they will carry out a quick and simple “field test” to determine whether or not you have glaucoma.

Stopping the spread of glaucoma

Although there’s no cure for this condition there are ways to prevent your vision from deteriorating once you’ve been diagnosed. Glaucoma affects your peripheral vision (also known as side vision) first, which is why you may not notice a difference in your sight straight away. However, as it works its way towards the centre of the eye, your sight will become increasingly limited, so the earlier you’re diagnosed, the better.

It’s likely you will be prescribed eye drops to use on a daily basis, which will prevent pressure from building up behind your eyes. Rising pressure leads to the damage of your optic nerve, an integral part of the eye which allows you to see, so regulating eye pressure is essential in all glaucoma treatment.

Getting to grips with glaucoma

If you’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma, you may be wondering what’s in store for you in the future.

In support of World Glaucoma Week, we’ve put together a FREE downloadable guide, which includes a real-life case study of 81-year-old Golden Girl, Beatrice, who shares her experiences living with the condition for the last 9 years.

You’ll also find some useful facts and stats to bring you up-to-speed on just how widespread this condition is and discover some handy pieces of equipment that may help manage your glaucoma better on a daily basis.

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