Posted on 02/04/2015

Bathroom Aids for Children

Bathroom Aids for Children

Designing a child friendly bathroom can be overwhelming. Finding the right products that grow as your child does, is the main issue. Bathing aids also need to be easy to use for both child and carer. There is however a range of products that are designed to not only adapt to your child’s needs, but also make it easier for parents or carers to use.

Seahorse Sanichair

The Seahorse Sanichair is the perfect example of this. It’s an award winning 3-in-1 bathroom chair, so can be used as a shower chair, a commode or an over toilet chair. It comes in two age group sizes ‘3-9 years’ or ‘9-16 years’. As your child grows, you don’t need to replace the chair for several years but only need to replace the modular liners making it very cost-effective. The chair comes with a large potty, body harness, foot strap and much more. It also comes with four large castors so can be wheeled from room to room.

Adjustable Bath Step

Adapting your bathroom so that it’s more child friendly doesn’t need to be a major change. Even by using simple, smaller bathing aids these can make the bathroom safer for both child and carer. Products like the Nuvo™ Adjustable Bath Step reduce the height when stepping in and out of the bathtub. It can also be used around the house for a variety of uses. There is also a Toilet Seat Ring Reducer which makes using and sitting on a toilet seat easier for children. The padded seat also means that it is more comfortable than standard toilet seats.

Kylie® Briefs & Knickers

For toileting needs when away from the bathroom, there is also the Kylie® Briefs or Knickers. These come in a variety of sizes and are designed to look just like normal underwear. Fully reusable and washable, the underwear has built in pads that can absorb liquid and prevent leaks. It’s ideal for overnight use and reduces the risk of bed wetting. They can also be used to help with toilet training.

There are many more products available which make your bathroom not only more inclusive, comfortable and safer for children, but also for parents/carers.

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