Posted on 27/10/2015

6 quick-fire tips for looking after the elderly in winter

6 quick-fire tips for looking after the elderly in winter

With Halloween making its annual appearance at the end of this week, winter is well and truly closing in fast. The leaves of autumn are turning to slippery mush below our feet and as the frost begins to creep over our garden lawn, the thermostat is inevitably dialled up to compensate for the cold chill in the air.

For older people living alone which, incidentally, is 3.5 million people aged 65+ in the UK, winter can be a very isolating and lonely season. The fear of falling outdoors can keep many ‘trapped’ inside their own homes and the lingering threat of a common cold turning into something more serious can be truly frightening for some.

Giving independence to the elderly in winter

If you know of someone elderly who could use a little extra help in staying independent this winter, we've got a few suggestions that will boost their confidence and encourage them to continue their daily activities as normal.

1. Keep the heating bills down and stay wrapped up – a handy sock helper works wonders in preventing awkward bending when putting on thick, woolly socks or bedtime totes!

2. Warm up and unwind in the water – there’s nothing like a nice hot bath to warm up. A bath seat enables those who are older to bathe in the water whilst making it easier to bend their legs when getting out. A grab rail can also be used to create leverage when rising out of the bath.

3. Start the morning better – those heavy, high-tog duvets can be difficult to lift off! A 2 in 1 bed rail makes it safer and easier for those who need a little more help to sit up and swing their legs out of bed.

4. Nothing beats a good brew – a hot drink is perfect for warming you through. A kettle tipper can be used to safely pour out boiling water and an adapted cup with two handles lessens the likelihood of spills and burns.

5. Put soup back on the menu – a keep warm bowl enables the user to take their time eating without worrying about the contents getting cold.

6. Forget feeling vulnerable on frosty mornings – a 2-in-1 Rollator and Transit Chair provides extra support for older people who are unsteady on their feet and will increase their confidence when walking. It also provides a comfortable seat should the user need to rest.

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