Posted on 24/01/2014

You Can Rest Assured with Bed Accessories from NRS Healthcare

You Can Rest Assured with Bed Accessories from NRS Healthcare

Are you or someone you know struggling to sleep at night? Is this down to worry or physical discomfort or a bit of both? Disability or age related symptoms can disrupt a good night’s and worrying about this and maintaining independence can be responsible for a restless night’s sleep. This does not have to be the case. We have tools and equipment that help us with every day to day tasks, why not have bed accessories that can help with the bed time routine and that continue to help us throughout the night. Now you can, here at NRS Healthcare we are proud to provide disability and mobility products that enhance safety and help for those who would be otherwise unable to carry out the routine of day to day tasks.

An Extensive Range of Bedroom Aids and Bed Accessories Available

The term bed accessories covers a wide range of products and can seem a little vague which is why we’re here to help you discover what the term bed accessories covers according to NRS Healthcare and the endless benefits these provide. Many find that once they realise the benefits from bedroom aids they wonder why they have not made use of these in the past.

Highly Absorbent Bed Pad

Bed pads are designed in the interest of continence management throughout the night. The bed pad is featured in our waterproof bedding range and work by providing the user with a comfortable and highly effective solution to nocturnal enuresis or night time bed wetting.

Sleeping in wet bed sheets is detrimental to the health of the sufferer as this can lead to bed sores and infection. Fortunately our bed pad range has the perfect solution for this. Highly absorbent and comfortable, the bed pad from NRS Healthcare is an excellent addition to our range of bedroom aids. Our bed pad range includes machine washable and disposable bed pads.

Bed Rails for Support When Transferring in and out of Bed

Bed rails provide excellent support for those who suffer from a condition that affects balance. Pushing yourself up and out of bed can take a certain degree of upper body strength, without this, getting up out of bed in the morning or to use the bathroom during the night can be an impossible task one that can be quite frustrating and upsetting without the proper support. Bed rails work by providing the user with a sturdy solution to this. Likewise, bed rails provide support when lowering oneself onto the bed.

Reduce the Risk of an Accident with Bed Raisers

If you suffer from limited mobility then getting in and out of standard beds can start to become difficult. Often conventional beds are too low and safely getting in and out of them starts to become almost impossible without assistance. Bed raisers, as the name suggests, raise the bed to a more suitable height for transferring in and out.

Free Product Advisory Services on Bed Accessories & Mobility Products

There are a range of different options for all the above mentioned bed accessories. You can view all of these on our website. If you are interested in any of our bedroom aids or mobility products but you would like further information you can give team at NRS Healthcare a call on 0845 287 3096. A member of the NRS team will be more than happy to provide advice on product suitability and function.

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