Posted on 25/08/2016

Welcome to the NEW NRS Healthcare Blog!

Welcome to the NEW NRS Healthcare Blog!

Our fantastic new blog page has the most up to date NRS Healthcare news & information and is packed with a variety of articles and ‘how to’ guides you may find useful. We’ve made it easier to use so you can find the information you need, and to help keep you informed about what’s going on in the healthcare world.

At the top of these blog pages, you can find a brand new green menu bar which quickly and easily allows you to switch from one page of the blog to another. You can look at the latest news, our ‘How To’ guides, YouTube videos and we even have a ‘Shop Now’ button – which allows you to go back to our main website!

A brand new addition to the blog is the 'How to' guides. These guides include fantastic ‘How to Care’ articles which provide information & resources about conditions you, or a loved one, may be living with, and offer practical tips to help. Our other ‘How to’ guides include advice on choosing the right product for yourself, or someone you care for, for example ‘How to choose the right bath lift’. We hope you will find these guides helpful and we would love to hear from you if you have found this information useful, or if you have any suggestions for other guides we could add.

Why not check out our YouTube videos too? This page offers links to our YouTube channel and product videos, where we demonstrate our products, show you different features to help you choose the right item and show you how our products work. These videos are also featured on our website, on our product pages.

Finally, there is the chance to share your ideas with us and others. Once logged in you can comment on our posts, so you can express your ideas to fellow readers - or maybe share helpful information for someone that is in a similar situation to you.

We hope you enjoy looking around our exciting new blog and find it useful and helpful!

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