Posted on 21/06/2013

We have High Quality 3 and 4 Wheeled Rollators Available

We have High Quality 3 and 4 Wheeled Rollators Available

As leaders in the health care industry, at NRS we know how important it is, for one’s independence, to keep active and move around when they’re older. Loss of leg strength and balance is an inevitable part of growing older but with 3 wheeled rollators and 4 wheeled rollators from NRS, a lack of strength and balance doesn’t have to be as big of an issue.

These exceptional products are durable and provide all the support needed to assist people who can’t walk un-aided and our range features a myriad of fantastic options to pick and choose from, each offering safety and functionality. And, in addition to that, many of our 3 and 4 wheeled rollators also provide an attached storage space so users can still carry items yet have their hands free to concentrate on helping them walk.

Choose the Best 3 Wheeled Rollators

One of our best 3 wheeled rollators is the Mobility Care Steel 3-Wheel Rollator. Easy to manoeuvre due to efficient engineering, the rollator can be used on all manner of surfaces both indoors and outdoors due to puncture proof wheels which provide great variation and versatility to users. What’s more, this high quality 3 wheeled rollator is made from steel to ensure it provides excellent strength at all times. Adjustable for different users, this product is perfect for just about anybody.

For 4 wheeled rollators, it’s hard to look beyond the Troja Rollator M32718. Light and foldable for easy storage, this rollator is also excellent for use on a variety of different surfaces and also provides options for storage. In addition, the product also comes with an excellent 5 year guarantee.

Learn more about NRS 4 Wheeled Rollators

Do you want to know more about our 3 and 4 wheeled rollators? If so, feel free to browse through the range on our website where you can see professional product images and read detailed descriptions for all our disability aids.

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