Posted on 19/09/2019

WATCH: “How cerebral palsy affects my balance”

WATCH: “How cerebral palsy affects my balance”

In support of Balance Awareness Week 2019, disability YouTuber, Jonathan Morris (Jon), agreed to collaborate with us by going on camera and explaining how living with cerebral palsy affects his balance.

Owner of YouTube channel Ability Street, Jon, regularly uploads videos for his subscribers which focus on “all things disability” with the aim of creating relatable and insightful content to help those with a disability live more independently.

His mini-series “Disability Talks”, in which he interviews various people who are living with a physical disability, has reached tens of thousands of people to date, with his most popular video clocking up over 15,500 views. His videos on hemiplegia cerebral palsy – a condition he has lived with all his life – particularly show the difficulties Jon has with balance, which is why we asked him to answer some questions on camera about how that affects him day-to-day.

The link between balance and cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition which affects muscle control and coordination, hence why balance is often a challenge for many living with CP.

Everyone living with cerebral palsy will experience it differently, which is why we wanted to know more about Jon’s condition. In the video below, Jon gives a very honest and open account of the issues he’s faced with balance in the past and also gives an insight into the equipment available to help others with a health condition that makes it difficult to keep their balance.

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