Posted on 16/09/2013

Wash and Dry on the Go with the Hand Held Bidet from NRS Healthcare

Wash and Dry on the Go with the Hand Held Bidet from NRS Healthcare

Methods of personal hygiene might be somewhat of a taboo subject for many but it is of paramount importance that any issues with personal hygiene are tackled effectively and a good level of personal hygiene is maintained by all. On occasion it is appropriate to employ certain aid equipment designed to make managing personal hygiene safer and easier. A hand held bidet from NRS Healthcare is a handy device that is very portable and can be used on the go.

A Hand Held Bidet is Compact and Convenient

Compact enough to be easily carried on your person when you are out and about, the hand held bidet we provide is the Palm TP-100 Travel Bidet and uses the same technology as the Bio Bidet. Battery operated for convenience. Simply filling the bidet with water at the desired temperature will allow you to have a wash and dry just about anywhere. This particular model of hand held bidet from NRS Healthcare comes with two 1 ½ volt alkaline batteries supplied and a replacement nozzle and carry couch is also included in this great price. The hand held bidet we provide is safe and easy to use and designed so that responsibilities of personal hygiene can be carried it without as little fuss and mess as possible but proper hand cleaning after use is advised. Purell hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of common germs and will ensure you do not spread infection through unclean hands; this is especially handy if you use a device such as the travel bidet.

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