Posted on 27/11/2013

Value for Money and High Quality Adjustable Walking Sticks

Value for Money and High Quality Adjustable Walking Sticks

Walking sticks only provide the proper support when they are suited to the height of the user. That is why here at NRS Healthcare, we provide a range of adjustable walking sticks to choose from. All the walking sticks featured in our range of walking aids are designed with one thing in common, reliability.

Adjustable Walking Sticks are a Popular Walking Aid

We’ve come a long way from the days when walking sticks were exclusively made out of wood and were of a fixed height. Although your standard walking sticks are still available and still prove supportive for many people, some may struggle to find one suitable for their needs.

Adjustable walking sticks are one of the most popular aids for the elderly and even though they provide excellent support they are not overly expensive.  They are lightweight and feature a comfortable contoured handle that is designed to ensure that the user does not suffer when using the walking stick for prolonged periods.

To ensure safety, all of our adjustable walking sticks feature a non-slip rubber ferrule, this means that they are suitable on all surfaces you are likely to encounter indoors and outside.

Walking sticks are an excellent walking aid for those who suffer from mild mobility problems and that are not quite unstable enough to need a walker or rollator. Walkers and rollators are fantastic pieces of equipment and have succeeded in maintaining the independence and confidence of the many people who use them but these can be too large and cumbersome. If appropriate, adjustable walking sticks are much more convenient.

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If you would like to view the full range of what we have to offer you can do so on our website. We provide over 2,500 daily living aids and our development team work closely with Occupational Therapists to ensure that the products designed provide for the needs of our customers. You can contact the team at NRS Healthcare on 0845 287 0210.

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