Posted on 03/08/2020

Top tips to make grocery shopping easier


We have gathered together some top tips to help people who are starting to go out food shopping again to feel prepared and comfortable getting their essentials.

As more people stop shielding this August and start heading back out to the shops, it can be helpful to prepare for some of the changes that have happened in shops and supermarkets so everyone can stay safe when they’re away from home.

Create a list that is organised into aisles

We’re probably all used to writing shopping lists, but writing them aisle by aisle can be a great help to avoid going back and forth around the shop. This is especially beneficial in shops that now have a one-way system to help people to stay at a safe social distance, but it can also just help someone to get around the shop more smoothly and quickly. It’s important to avoid touching surfaces unless you need to and try to only touch products you are going to buy. Paying by card whenever possible is also advised to avoid handling cash and spreading germs.

Figure out the quietest times to go

Why not try visiting the shop at different times to see when there are fewer customers? This may help to make the experience less stressful, and if someone is using a mobility aid, such as a rollator or wheelchair, it will be easier to manoeuvre when the shop has fewer customers. It may be worth checking if the supermarket has priority hours for older or vulnerable customers, as some shops put these measures in place during the lockdown.

Take the right equipment

Whether nipping out to a local shop for a few items or travelling by car to do a full grocery shop, having the right mobility aid and support can make a world of difference. Rollators, such as the Compact Easy Rollator, can make an ideal shopping companion, as well as a supportive walking aid. With a detachable bag and folding mechanism, it means someone can store small items and comfortably fit in the back of a car. Grabbers or reachers can also be handy, especially for wheelchair users or to help reach items without overbalancing in a shop.

If someone experiences incontinence and feels they need protection when going shopping, there are a wide range of high quality pads and pants that can help people stay dry, comfortable and confident when away from home.

Follow the COVID guidelines – they are there to keep us safe

It’s important that everyone follows the COVID guidelines to help to protect themselves and others when shopping. As of Friday 24th July, face coverings or masks will be mandatory for most people in shops in England and Scotland, as well as on public transport in all UK countries, so it is a good idea to keep a mask in a bag, or in the car to stay prepared.

Although hand sanitiser is often offered at shop entrances, it is a good idea to take some in a bag or keep it in the car, as it is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of the virus. Use it before and after your trip to the shop and remember to wash your hands when you arrive home. It’s also important to stick to the one-way arrows and two metre stickers that can be seen on the floor to maintain social distancing with others.

Organise a delivery or find support from friends and family

Some people may still feel uncomfortable going out so it might be a good idea to get deliveries to their home. These can be organised with several different supermarket chains who have adapted to make home delivery as safe as possible. It can also be worth someone getting in touch with local friends and family who could pick up some essential items during their shop or do a shop for the person who needs support.

To view more daily living and mobility aids that can help to support someone during their shopping trips please visit the NRS Healthcare website.

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