Posted on 06/07/2020

Top tips to enjoy a relaxing bathing routine

Top tips to enjoy a relaxing bathing routine

We take a look at some of the top ways to promote safety and independence in the bathroom and help more people to enjoy a relaxing bath at home.

If someone has just come out of hospital, there will be lots of things to consider to keep their home as safe and accessible as possible, and their bathing routine will be of particular importance to allow them to relax and keep themselves fresh and clean. Whether someone is recovering at home or just needs some more support to stay safe in the bathroom, there are many bathroom aids that can help more people to maintain a comfortable and relaxing bath time.

Improve stability underfoot

With slippery surfaces underfoot, navigating around the bathroom can cause many people to be more cautious about falls, but even a simple change to the bathroom, such as adding non-slips mats, can have a positive impact on safety. As well as general mats for the bathroom, bathmats are available which are specially shaped for a tub and help improve stability when someone is getting into and out of the bath. Improving the grip on surfaces in the bathroom can help people to stay on their feet and feel more confident about using the bath.

Another worry that some people may face is the height they need to step over the side of the bath, especially if they have reduced balance and are concerned about lifting their leg that high. However, a bath step can reduce the distance someone needs to step into and out of the bath and help them to maintain their stability.

Discover the benefits of a bath lift

If someone begins to feel unsteady using the bath they may consider the benefits of a bath lift to help them bathe safely at home. Most lifts, including the Bellavita Bath Lift, secure to the bottom of the bath with suction feet and work with battery power to lift and lower someone into and out of the bath safely. A lift typically includes a waterproof remote control so the user can lift and lower themselves, as well as a reclining back rest that allows them to sit back and relax when bathing. Bath lifts can support many people’s independence and safety in the bathroom, but it’s important to remember that to use a bath lift safely the person must be able to lift their legs over the side of the bath and maintain their balance in a seated position.

Get a helping hand in the bathroom

A person’s bathing routine should be as relaxing as possible, but sometimes they may need a bit of support to stay comfortable. Long handled bathing aids, including the long handled sponge are especially designed to reduce discomfort caused by stretching or twisting to reach different areas of the body and allow people to keep all areas of their body fresh and clean.

Having handles to hold on to and support someone’s balance in the bathroom can be invaluable, especially after they have finished bathing if they are concerned about slipping due to excess water. A grab rail (sometimes known as a grab bar) can be installed onto a secure wall and with many designs to choose from, including the modern stainless steel curved grab rail, there’s no need to sacrifice style.

If you are unsure which product is suitable for your requirements, or the needs of someone you care for, you can contact our friendly team of professionals at [email protected] who will be able to advise on suitable products.

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