Posted on 30/07/2020

Top tips to create a smart and safe home for daily living

Top tips to create a smart and safe home for daily living

Daily living aids can be both stylish and practical and we’re here to prove it.

If someone needs support with their daily living they should feel comfortable about getting the right equipment to help, but some people can feel uncertain about using mobility equipment at home and sometimes even avoid getting the support they need.

Below we explore some top tips to encourage a loved one or relative to get the right support, as well as some of our most stylish ranges to prove that daily living equipment can look smart, while offering good support to help someone to stay independent at home.

Start an open conversation and highlight the positive outcomes

Daily living aids are designed specially to help people increase their independence at home, and this positive effect should be the first thing to discuss with a loved one who needs support. Discuss how a new product, piece of furniture or mobility aid can help to make their daily life easier. Focus on what they will be able to do when using a new product and how it will help to empower them. Encourage them to think about how their confidence and independence could be improved by using it.

Although the terms mobility aids or daily living aids are used by many, some may simply refer to the item, for example a shower chair, grab bar or step. They are just another item of furniture in the house but can help support someone at the same time.

Get professional guidance

It can be a good idea to discuss someone’s individual needs with a professional. This could be the best way to get the right support from the start and some people may be more willing to discuss their needs with a professional.

If a person would benefit from a daily living aid and needs support from Adult Social Care they can view what help is available and how to access it on their local council’s website.
At NRS healthcare we offer a free product advice line at [email protected] which is run by our team of friendly professionals who can offer advice on the most suitable products for you, a loved one or someone you care for.

Find support that is both stylish and practical

There are many styles of daily living aids, meaning there is a wide range of choice. At NRS Healthcare we offer a stylish range of products for use all around the home.

Our SPA range includes sleek, curved grab rails and a perching stool designed with an elegant bamboo and stainless-steel finish. For the bathroom our SPA range includes this bath step designed specifically to improve safety when using the shower or bathing.

Support isn’t just limited to the home. If someone needs help when travelling, going for a walk or generally getting out and about, they should consider the benefits of a rollator. A rollator is a type of walking aid that supports someone who may have limited balance and needs some added stability.

There are many styles of rollator available and it can be confusing to find the right one for you. At NRS Healthcare we have a wide selection to choose from that offer style and quality. Have a look at our Freestyle Rollator, designed by our own product team this three wheeled rollator has a contemporary design and is available in gold, silver and purple. If you want to see it in action, why not watch this excellent video, created by Jon at Ability Street who explains how our rollator can support someone with Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy.

To view our full whole range of products that can support people’s safety, confidence and independence at home please visit our NRS Healthcare website.

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