Posted on 25/05/2020

Top tips for garden safety as the weather warms up

Top tips for garden safety as the weather warms up

Getting out in the garden is a joy for many people, enabling us to enjoy more fresh air, exercise and even grow our own food.

Now that brighter and warmer weather is on the horizon, it is a great time to make the most of our gardens and let the fresh air work its magic on our mental and physical health.

At NRS Healthcare, we understand that as some people get older, or are diagnosed with a long-term health condition, they may find it more difficult to bend down whilst gardening and their tools may become uncomfortable to use. Below, we explain how our range of specialised gardening tools can keep gardening accessible and enjoyable for those who need a bit of extra support.

Helpful products to support the joints

Standard garden tools can be uncomfortable to hold, especially if someone has stiff joints or reduced movement in their wrists or hands. You may want to consider replacing these tools with ergonomically designed gardening equipment, as their upright handles keep the hands in a natural position and reduce discomfort when someone is gardening.

At NRS Healthcare we offer a range of Easi-Grip gardening tools, including the Easi-Grip Fork, that have ergonomic handles to reduce discomfort in the hands and wrists, making them ideal for anyone living with a condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Finding a solution to uncomfortable bending

Most of us will experience back pain or back ache during our lifetime, so long-handled gardening equipment can be a great investment. Tools such as the Long Handled Easi-Grip® Garden Fork are designed to keep the hand and wrist in a natural position, and reduce the need for bending, easing pressure on the back. Garden equipment such as this can also be used in a sitting position, which is ideal for wheelchair users or anyone who finds they are better supported staying seated whilst gardening.

An add on handle is a great cost-effective option which can be attached to ordinary gardening tools, such as a rake or sweeping brush, to make the pole easier to grip and reduce uncomfortable twisting.

There are several other ways a garden can be adapted to make it more suitable for a person who finds it challenging to bend and stretch. You might consider adding raised beds, which offer an alternative way to reduce the distance a person needs to bend. Or you could get creative and use other items, such as a wheelbarrow, to put plants in and keep them at an accessible height.

Reducing the risk of falls outdoors

If there are any steps from the back door of the house to the garden, a grab rail is an ideal way to give someone extra stability and help them to reduce their risk of falling. If any of the steps are high and difficult for someone to use, a half step, such as the Bigfoot Half Step Outdoor Step, is a great idea to reduce the distance someone needs to step up, minimising strain on the legs. Grab rails and steps are effective ways to increase safety outdoors and can help people to stay confident and enjoy their garden during the warm weather.

If you’re interested in viewing the whole selection of gardening equipment available at NRS Healthcare, you can visit the gardening tools category on our website.

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