Posted on 14/02/2020

Our top tips for a healthy heart

Our top tips for a healthy heart

As Valentine's Day approaches, heart-shaped decorations begin to crop up all over the place! But how can you make sure your own heart stays as strong and healthy as possible?

Throughout February, we're supporting National Heart Month, and also saluting Valentine’s Day, by celebrating one of the most vital parts of our bodies - the heart. Looking after the heart is so important to our overall health and there are a number of ways you can help take good care of it.

Healthy heart top tips

When the heart becomes weak, damaged, or unable to pump blood around your body, it can lead to you developing serious health conditions such as angina, heart disease, stroke or even vascular dementia.

To help raise better awareness of how to keep our hearts healthy and strong, we've created a set of graphics which we encourage you to share. We understand that not all of these tips will be suitable for everyone, but we do hope you'll find some inspiration that will help you take the best possible care of your heart!

Remember, if you find any of the tips above useful, please share them with your family and friends so we can spread the word on how to look after one of our most vital organs!

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