Posted on 23/04/2013

Top Quality Bed Accessories from NRS

Top Quality Bed Accessories from NRS

At NRS, we’ve put together a range of accessories that makes keeping patients and residents safe when they’re asleep or lying on their bed. Our range features an extensive selection of bed accessories for the bedroom with everything from back rests, fall-out mats, sound monitors and cradles to motion sensors, pagers, alarm kits and blood sugar ankle alarms. With such an extensive collection of products on offer, we’re confident our customers will find everything they need and want.

NRS Bed Accessories Work with Nurse Call Systems

A superb example of our product's ability to track patients is with our bedside motion detector, which easily detects anyone exiting the bed without having to use uncomfortable sensor pads or strings attached to the person. It works simply by alerting carers with an alarm when there’s an exit from the bed whilst a silent function is also available if the sensor is connected to a nurse call system.

Even Track Overnight Blood Sugar Levels with our Bed Accessories

Another bed accessory we offer, and one which shows the huge range of versatile products available to our customers, is the low blood sugar wrist and ankle alarm. Using cutting-edge technology, the alarm can detect symptoms of hypoglycaemia - low blood sugar in people with diabetes. It works when sensors react to body temperature which activates a built in vibrator in combination with a tone beeper alarm to alert carers. Simple to use, the alarm is crucial in making sure of somebody’s health while they sleep.

Get more information about our bed accessories and disability aids by browsing the website or by calling us on 0845 805 8831.

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