Posted on 29/07/2013

Toilet Aids for the Elderly

Toilet Aids for the Elderly

As you age, simple activities such as going to the toilet can become more difficult. The need to travel to the bathroom can be time consuming – and time is of the essence where toileting is concerned. There are plenty of toilet aids on the market that help to make going to the toilet easier.

A Complete Range of Toilet Aids

Here at NRS we are committed to supplying a complete range of mobility aids that help to improve daily life for those that struggle with mobility. Toileting is incredibly personal and many of our toilet aids are designed to promote user independence as much as possible, such as toilet frames. Designed for those that have trouble lowering themselves to sit and providing support to stand, they fit easily into any bathroom and can make toileting much easier for elderly and disabled people. Wide handled toilet levers make it easier to flush the toilet and raised toilet seats make sitting and standing more comfortable for those that are unable to lower themselves.

If mobility is a more serious issue and getting to the bathroom is a struggle, a commode in the bedroom or somewhere convenient is ideal. Comfortable, easy to clean and easy to use, some styles are very discreet and all are strong and durable as part of the NRS guarantee. Mobile commodes are perfect for ease of use around the home, and heavy duty, wider commodes are available for those of larger proportions.

Improve Daily Living with Mobility Aids from NRS

All the mobility aids that NRS offer are designed to improve daily living for elderly and disabled people. We are constantly looking to expand our range of mobility aids so if you can’t find what you are looking for or have a suggestion please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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