Posted on 05/02/2020

Time to Talk Day 2020: starting the conversation on mental health

Time to Talk Day 2020: starting the conversation on mental health

In any given year, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem. It’s time to talk about mental health, and you can help us to change lives and attitudes.

Time to Talk Day first began in February 2014 and was launched in conjunction with Time to Change, a growing social movement that is led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. It’s a day to encourage openness about mental health to help people talk, listen and support others.

Talking about mental health can feel difficult or awkward, especially for anyone who has personally experienced a mental health condition, but Time to Change is helping to improve attitudes towards mental health, reduce stigma and show people that it really is time to talk about mental health by reaching out to others and asking for support.

Showing our support for Time to Talk Day 2020

To raise awareness of Time to Talk Day this year we’re helping to start the conversation by sharing some important dates in the history of mental health through our graphic below.

Each year, Time to Change offer plenty of materials and resources for individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to download and share. They also offer a range of activity ideas to encourage people to work together and discuss different aspects of mental health. This year, Time to Change have also teamed up with Sussed, a card game which promotes conversation through “Would you rather…” questions, for example, “would you rather miss a penalty OR talk to a teammate about mental health?”

Time to Change suggest texting a friend or chatting to a colleague. We would also suggest popping in to see an older neighbour or relative or texting someone you know with caring responsibilities and ask how they are. If you work in the care sector, why not ask about Time to Talk Day resources to encourage care workers and those they care for to start a conversation about mental health?

Below are the websites for all the charities mentioned in our infographic. All these charities offer information and support about mental health, and the different conditions associated with it, and can be contacted through e-mail or telephone if you want to get in touch with them.

Rethink Mental Illness (previously known as National Schizophrenia Fellowship)
Suicide Prevention Day
Mental Health Foundation
World Mental Health Day
Time to Change

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