Posted on 05/04/2016

"I thought daily living aids were for fuddy duddy's...I was wrong."

"I thought daily living aids were for fuddy duddy's...I was wrong."

Not one to mince her words, Beatrice, otherwise known as Nanna Bea, has never wanted to be viewed as an "old woman" - and none of her friends or family see her as such.

Even though Beatrice is now in her eighties, it's fair to say she could easily be a poster girl for independent living. She takes excellent care of herself and has always been a very confident lady. That is, until she fell in her bedroom just before Christmas last year.

Changing perceptions

The fall resulted in a broken wrist, meaning Beatrice couldn't even cut her own food or enjoy one of her favourite things - taking a relaxing bath. Even once the cast was removed 2 months later, her wrist was too badly damaged to put any weight on it - meaning she couldn't lower into or rise from the bath tub.

Luckily her grand-daughter is our very own Digital Content Manager, Lex - who knows all about daily living aids and how helpful they can be to those who need a little extra help with daily tasks. She talked to our team of professional Occupational Therapists and suggested buying her Nanna Bea a bath lift.

"I wasn't keen on the idea at first," admits Beatrice. "I thought daily living aids were for fuddy-duddy's and expected the equipment to look really old fashioned...not my style at all! But after seeing a photo on the computer, I was pleasantly surprised."

Gaining confidence and living independently

Since getting the Neptune Bath Lift, Nanna Bea's confidence has soared once more. "I really can't believe how much of a difference it's made. It's so easy to use and now I don't have to rely on my daughter, Pauline, lifting me in and out of the tub anymore! It looks great too, fits into my small, modern bathroom perfectly and means I'm not embarrassed by it. I'd recommend it to people of any age who are finding it a bit difficult to get in and out of their bath."

Beatrice has been so impressed with the bath lift that she asked Lex to film her using it, so others wouldn't be frightened or put off getting one for themselves. So here she is - 80 years young and modelling her new bath lift. Nanna Bea - you're the best.

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