Posted on 11/11/2013

The Over Chair Table – The Perfect Dining Companion

The Over Chair Table – The Perfect Dining Companion

In hospitals and care homes, over chair tables are commonplace and provide welcome support to those that spend much of their time confined to a chair. An over chair table can often double up as over bed tables and are especially helpful for those that are bed bound.

Ideal in Any Environment

NRS Healthcare provide over chair tables that can be just as helpful and convenient when used in the home. Not only are these perfect for dining for those that cannot reach or find it uncomfortable to be seated at a standard everyday table, they come in handy for a number of other activities that require a solid surface. Dining is one of the main uses for the table but it can prove useless for activities such as crosswords, jigsaws, reading and a range of other tasks that require a steadier surface that just the lap.

As mentioned, over chair tables are designed for those who struggle with mobility and must remain seated for the majority of the day but for those that only moderately struggle with mobility, our range of walking aids for disabled and elderly people may be the answer. Walking aids can include a range of NRS products, from simple crutches to excellent support equipment such as rollators, our walking aids range cover a multitude of needs at a variety of levels.

Over 60 Years of Care

For over 60 years, NRS Healthcare have been providing tools and equipment designed to enhance lives and restore some level of independence and confidence. We understand that our customer not only wants high quality and reliable equipment and tools but that a good level of customer service and care is paramount within the industry. Which is why to ensure customer satisfaction, we provide a free product advisory service. You can contact the NRS Healthcare team on 0845 485 3592.

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