Posted on 30/10/2013

The Four Wheeled Rollator from NRS Provides Support and Relief

The Four Wheeled Rollator from NRS Provides Support and Relief

Mobility can start to become an issue for many as they age and getting out and about can present many dangers if you are unsteady on your feet. Especially in this quarter of the year when nights are long and days are short. With a four wheeled rollator from NRS Healthcare you can be confident that you are supported and able to move around with a reduced risk of a fall.

Height Adjustable and Lightweight

Four wheeled rollators are ideal for a trip to the shops, to a friend’s house or any errand or outing that requires you to move around on foot. If you find it difficult to stand or walk for extended periods and your balance is of concern, then this is the piece of mobility equipment for you. This lightweight, innovative and height adjustable rollator is suitable for almost anyone to use who requires extra support and stability. The canvas detachable shopping bag allows the user to carry items without needing to take their grip off the rollator. A seat is also included; this provides a portable resting spot.

To ensure that safety measures are adhered to, the four wheeled rollators we provide are equipped with a one touch brake systems meaning these can be activated easily. The eight inch polyurethane wheels are durable and are suitable on a range of surfaces indoors and outdoors, making this rollator a great living aid for round the home.

The wheels on this compact wheels can easily be removed, with a patented quick release function. This makes storing and transporting the four wheeled rollator less of a hassle.

Browse Our Full Range of Daily Living Aids

NRS Healthcare have all manner of daily living aids designed to enhance the quality of life and restore independence in those that suffer disabilities or who are disabled. We also stock a wide range of available furniture raisers as well as multipurpose raisers, designed to take the strain and worry out of sitting and returning to the standing position from being seated.

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