Posted on 21/05/2020

The best ways to tackle stress and live well in our changing environment

The best ways to tackle stress and live well in our changing environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people feeling the effects of isolation, and the worry of contracting the virus is still ongoing. It has been a stressful time, especially for those who are in the more vulnerable groups. However, there are ways to support those who are older or living with a long-term health condition so they can manage their stress levels and stay safe at home.

At NRS Healthcare, we have a number of products that can help minimise stress and support those who need it most to adjust and live well in our changing environment.

How can clocks and alarms help to reduce stress?

Telling the time helps everyone to orientate themselves around their daily routine, and although many of us will rely on a simple wall clock or watch, others who are living with a vison impairment or a memory condition like dementia, may require clocks that are easier to read and understand. The Calendar Wall Clock is a large faced clock that shows the date and time in clear text. Clocks with days of the week or the date may help to reduce stress or anxiety in people living with dementia, who may have difficulty orientating themselves to the time of day, week or even year.

Alarm clocks also offer multiple benefits, such as helping someone keep to a routine and remind them of activities like taking their medication or ringing a family member. The Talking Alarm Clock has optional alarms or hourly announcements of the time – ideal for a person with limited vision who may not be able to see clocks clearly.

Bedroom aids to get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night sleep is vital to our physical and mental health, but it can be difficult if someone feels anxiety or stress around their bedtime routine.

If someone is worried about falling out of bed at night, it can be worth investing in an EasyFit Bedguard, which provides a side rail to prevent someone from slipping or rolling out of bed, so they remain safe during the night.

Alternatively, if a person finds it difficult to get into or out of bed they may benefit from an NRS 2 in 1 Bed Rail, which is secured firmly under their mattress and provides a support rail for the person to grip.

Bedroom aids are a great way to help reduce stress by providing someone with peace of mind that they are safe during the night, helping them to sleep soundly.

Our product advice team can be contacted at [email protected] and can offer advice about the most suitable bedroom aids for someone you care for to help reduce the risk of falls and increase their safety at home. Please note that they can only advise you on the information that you have shared with them.

Find the best way to stay in touch

Many people have been unable to see their friends and loved ones over the past few weeks and with social distancing measures still in place, it’s likely this will continue for some time. Having the right phone can make a difference to staying in contact with friends and family, especially for anyone who is not familiar with technology such as social media or video calling.

At NRS Healthcare we offer a range of telephones including mobiles, corded and cordless phones. The BigTel Amplified Corded Telephone includes five photo buttons which are programmed to directly dial a chosen number and can be easily identified by placing a photograph next to each direct dial. The buttons are large and easy to see, plus it has an adjustable ringer volume that is compatible with hearing aids to alert people who are hard of hearing.

Having the right phone can make all the difference in communicating with loved ones and keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Ideal solutions to help protect our health

Now more than ever we can understand the importance of keeping ourselves and our environment clean and protected against bacteria and viruses. Whilst soap and water is the most effective way to keep our hands clean, hand sanitisers can cleanse hands when this is not an option and are especially useful if someone needs to leave the house. Alcohol based sanitisers, such as the Hand Sanitiser Gel come in a small bottle and can keep hands protected against 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Sanitisers offer welcome peace of mind for those worried about protecting themselves against COVID-19 when soap and water are not available.

Keeping indoor surfaces clean in a domestic or care setting is vital, especially if there are touch points used by multiple people, such as door handles and taps. The Alcohol Surface Sanitiser Spray kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in 5 minutes and can reduce the spread of infection.

For people who take regular medication, remembering which tablets to take at what time can cause additional anxiety. The Pop Up Pill Organiser, is a convenient aid that offers multiple compartments for different times of day and days of the week to help people maintain their medication schedule and stay well.

There are many ways we can support others to help reduce stress levels as we all get used to our new and changing environment. To find the right daily living aid that best suits yours or a loved one’s needs, use the product finder on our homepage to browse the different options available. Alternatively, you can email our Occupational Therapists for free product advice using [email protected] and they will help ensure you choose the most appropriate piece of equipment.

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