Posted on 02/11/2012

The Benefits of Exercise

The Benefits of Exercise

We all know that exercise is important. However, how can people who suffer with mobility problems implement exercise into their lifestyle?

The benefits of exercise are endless. From improving aerobic health (the heart and lungs ability to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body) and muscle strength, exercise also promotes a sense of general wellbeing and, when exercising as part of a group, provides a social aspect too.

There are a huge number of exercises that can be completed without the use of any equipment, such as chair yoga. Exercises such as lifting the leg as high up as possible – keeping it straight – and holding for a second before lowering can really help to improve muscle tone without being too strenuous. With practice, muscles will improve and the exercise will become easier.

In fact, exercising and using the joints can actually help to decrease pain and improve mobility, but it is extremely important to work within your limitations. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop the activity and rest. Consult your doctor if necessary.

Exercise can be incorporated into almost any lifestyle. Wheelchair users can use their arms to propel the chair around at a higher speed than normal, if possible, to improve muscle strength and tone, whilst also providing a great cardio workout.

Music is a great accompaniment to exercise. Regardless of your mobility level, put on your favourite music and dance as best you can; wave your arms, tap your feet, wiggle your hips, nod your head and have fun! Exercise is all abut getting healthy and having fun too.

Our pedal exerciser is perfect for those who remain seated for much of the day but want to keep their leg muscles strong. Likewise, the Handimove Body Support can be used to transfer people, similar to a hoist, but attaching to the front of the body, making it suitable for toileting and dressing. The Handimove can be used to transfer people for a number of activities.

NRS provide a range of exercise products to help those who struggle with mobility to exercise gently, helping to improve flexibility and promote good health. Feel free to browse our website and take a look at the great range of mobility aids on offer.

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