Posted on 20/08/2012

The benefits of a Mermaid bath lift


It is a sad fact that the more immobile you become, the harder it is to enjoy the everyday pleasure in life, such as a hot bath. Conventional bathing aids available from Nottingham Rehab Supplies, such as bath cushions and the Aquajoy Premier Bath Lift, are incredibly helpful and versatile for people with limited mobility, but even these bath lifts still require a certain degree of movement in lifting the legs into the bath.

In cases of severe immobility, a complete bath lift or bath hoist is needed, and once again, Nottingham Rehab Supplies can help. Our Mermaid Bath Lift will fully lift you up and over the edge of the bath, and lower you gently into the water in complete comfort and safety. Floor mounted, with fittings for both wooden and concrete floors, the powerful Mermaid bath lift can be either hand operated, using a winding handle, or electrically operated, via a detachable, rechargeable battery.

For your complete comfort and confidence, the ergonomically moulded seat locks safely and automatically into place during transfers, and includes a lap strap to add extra security during your movement.

With the Mermaid bath lift, almost anyone can enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a bath, regardless of their disabilities or limitations. It’s just one of the many ways, including bath lifts, bath hoists and bath chairs, that Nottingham Rehab Supplies can help you to live a full and independent life in your own home, whatever your condition. So why settle for showers on a shower chair, when our helpful, friendly team could help you to enjoy the pleasures of a proper bath with the aid of the latest and safest bath lifts and hoists for your home.

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