Posted on 04/11/2013

The 4 Wheeled Rollator Provides Extra Support and Stability

The 4 Wheeled Rollator Provides Extra Support and Stability

The first mornings of frost have signaled the need for our thermals and good grip shoes to come out of storage. Getting about becomes more treacherous when there is a layer of frost gracing our pavements and everyone begins to struggle a bit more, none more so than those with limited mobility and balance issues. The 4 wheeled rollator from NRS Healthcare can take some of that worry and risk away by providing good support.

The 4 Wheeled Rollator Includes Cushioned Seat and Carry Basket

Elderly people tend to be the most affected by the onset of frost and this can become a major worry. Staying indoors is not always an option and appointments and responsibilities do not stop because of the cold weather.

The 4 wheeled rollator from NRS is not only an excellent method of support when out and about but with extras like a seat and a carry basket included, this makes the rollator an integral part of people’s day to day lives, to be used year round.

The aluminium frame and the easy folding mechanism of the 4 wheeled rollator make this piece of support equipment easy to transport and store away when not in use.  The 200mm (8”) wheels make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and allows for easy steering meaning excellent maneuverability and easy to use loop brakes make this rollator safe and reliable. The handles are height adjustable; this means that regardless of height, this means that this disability aid is suitable for anyone, short or tall.

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