Posted on 18/07/2016

“Team Digital” wins the heart of work placement student!

“Team Digital” wins the heart of work placement student!

For the last 9 weeks, NRS Healthcare has played host to work placement student, Lydia. Since joining in May, Lydia has made herself known, and been a great help, to all departments at our Head Office in Bardon. After careful consideration, Lydia has now chosen to finish out her work placement within the Digital Department and they are thrilled to have her as a team member!

Here, we find out a bit more about Lydia and why she has chosen the Digital team as her workmates for the next 7 weeks.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’ve just finished my first year studying English at the University of Lincoln and am due to continue my course in September. When I was offered the opportunity to work at NRS Healthcare over the summer on student placement I grabbed it with both hands! I’ve never worked within a professional business setting before and it was exciting to think I could be part of an established company – even for a short time.

2. How has your work placement been at NRS Healthcare?
I studied Business at A Level, so it’s been really interesting for me to see how a real company operates and how all the different departments work together towards a common goal.

3. What’s been your favourite part so far?
I’ve really enjoyed taking part in various meetings – especially the one where Sue (Senior Design Engineer) explained about the new products NRS Healthcare would be launching this August - including the Seahorse Plus. The presentation was really engaging and I enjoyed getting to know more about the business.

Sue and Seahorse 2
Susan Bevan models the new Seahorse Plus, due for launch at the end of August 2016

I’ve also enjoyed having reviews with the Training Team. They’ve been excellent in making sure I’m comfortable with all the jobs I’ve been given and I feel like they really care about the progress I’m making, which is great. They’re always very encouraging which has helped build my confidence and made me feel valued within the company.

4. What’s the atmosphere like at Head Office?
I feel like this is the place where everything happens within the business. Despite all the teams being split across two floors and in several different rooms, there are core people within each room who instigate workplace banter and create a pleasant, inclusive atmosphere to work in. I’ve been made to feel very welcome by everyone.

5. What surprising things have you learned since working at NRS Healthcare?
My first role was on Reception as this was a great way for me to meet everyone around the building and get to know names. I was surprised at just how friendly everyone was – everyone greeted me with a smile and spoke to me! That was really encouraging.

During my time here, not only have I met the staff at NRS Healthcare, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet other professionals from the industry.

One day I remember in particular was accompanying Rachel (Clinical Lead at NRS Healthcare) to meet a man from Kirton Healthcare. The conversation between them both about how to best help their customers was really eye-opening and heart-warming. There was no pretence, just a genuine yearning to help others.

I was surprised by their very honest conversation – I guess I assumed meeting with a competitor would be more cut-throat! But actually, the focus was on achieving the best outcome to help others live more independently. Their discussions on increasing sales also made me realise just how many people there are who depend on their products and services.

6. What made you choose the Digital team above all other departments?
Although the Digital team is small, there has been no shortage in the variety of jobs I’ve been given! This is the team where I’ve felt like I’m REALLY helping and not just taking on someone else’s job at a slower pace. There’s a real bond between members of the digital team as well and they welcomed me with open arms from the moment I met them during my induction. I’ve particularly enjoyed the jobs given to me by Lex (Digital Content Manager) and Yasser (Marketing Executive).

7. Would you consider a career in Digital or the Healthcare Industry as a result of working for NRS Healthcare?
If I was to take on a Digital role in the future I think I’d look into joining the marketing section of the department. My experience at NRS Healthcare has been really valuable and I’ve done more to contribute to the company than I originally thought - especially within the Digital team - which I’m proud of. Although I’ll be sad to leave, this work placement has inspired me to get a job when I leave to go back to University – I just hope wherever I end up, they will make me feel as included as the NRS Healthcare staff has.

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