Posted on 05/08/2013

Let Bathroom Rails take the Pain and Struggle Out of Going to the Bathroom

Let Bathroom Rails take the Pain and Struggle Out of Going to the Bathroom

In sometime or other in our lives we all end up needing a little bit of extra support. It is an unfortunate fact that most accidents occur in the home. This is especially true for the ill or infirm. Truth is, many of these accidents could be avoided with a little bit of support in place. Bathroom rails come in many shapes and sizes and serve many different purposes.

Bathroom Rails are Easy to Install

If you have started to find it a struggle simply getting from sitting to standing position this can be a bind and weigh heavily on your mind when needing to complete simple tasks such as visiting the toilet. With a simple bathroom rail in place you will have the ability to go from sitting to upright with ease and this will reduce the risk of accidents. For many, having something as simple as a bathroom rail installed can mean maintaining your independence going to the toilet.  Support rails that are there for the purpose of aiding you with toilet duties are easily installed and here at NRS Healthcare we offer support rails that fit to your wall or fix to the floor for extra stability. Measurements of our bathroom rails vary and to ensure that your rails do not become an eye sore in your bathroom we offer them in different colours. We also offer bathroom rails that neatly fold away if you so prefer.

In addition NRS Healthcare also provide bed rails. Because we know that going from lying position to sitting position can be just as painful and arduous, if not more so than sitting to standing, our bed rails provide you the support you need to get in and out of bed safely and with ease.

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NRS Healthcare have been providing products that aid and enhance daily living for over 60 years now and with such longevity and experience we are able to provide the best aids on the market. If you would like more information or have a chat about one of our products then you can contact us on 0845 287 2041.

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