Posted on 03/08/2020

Suggested days out across the UK


Enjoy days out with the whole family this summer and explore what the UK has got to offer.

With most shops, museums and gardens now open after months of lockdown, we take a look at some ways that families of all ages can enjoy days out, while staying safe and getting the support they need for their health or mobility.


If visiting an attraction or museum it is vital to book beforehand. Due to the COVID-19 virus, most venues are working at a limited capacity and will require the public to book so they can ensure social distancing will be possible and avoid the chance of large crowds. Currently in England, people can only meet up indoors in a group of up to two households, however you can meet up to six people from different households when in an outdoor space. Remember to keep hand sanitiser and a mask or covering handy to protect yourself and others against the virus.

Delve into the natural world

From local public gardens to wildlife parks and zoos there are many ways to enjoy the natural world and plenty of outdoor spaces that can bring joy to all ages. The UK also offers a wide expanse of national parks, including the Lake District and New Forest, that are situated in many different landscapes where the public can enjoy scenic walks and take in the views of valleys, lakes and forests. Remember to check their website before you go to find accessible routes that are open for all.

If someone enjoys walking but needs some more support for longer distances they may consider the benefits of a rollator. Designed with handles and three or four wheels, a rollator can offer stability on smooth terrains and help to bear some of a person’s weight, reducing the chances of a fall. Many will also benefit from the seat and basket featured on different rollator designs, which allow the person to sit down for a short break and store small items when walking. If someone requires a wheelchair and is unable to walk for longer journeys, they may consider a transit wheelchair that can fit into the car when folded and is ideal for days out or short trips.

Take a trip to the beach

The British seaside has plenty to offer with beautiful coastal towns, scenic walks and the chance to relax on the beach. With rich cultures in seaside towns across the UK, such as Tenby, Bournemouth and St Ives, there’s plenty to see and do and the fresh sea air can help us to feel reinvigorated.

Discover local culture and arts

The UK is well known for its array of arts and cultural sites where you can explore anything from ancient ruins to modern art and enjoy diverse days out. For anyone who wants to explore British heritage outdoors, why not discover the grand architecture of castles or a cathedral, learn more about ancient ruins such as Stonehenge or consider the industrial heritage of England at Ironbridge.

It’s important to remember that cafés, coffee shops and regular shops require customers to wear a face mask or covering, so it’s good to keep one handy, especially if someone is hoping to visit a museum shop or local area.

Travel in comfort

Getting the right support in the car can make a world of difference to someone’s comfort when they’re enjoying a day out. Moving the seat to the right position for the individual is the first step, but if more support is required we offer a range of cushions and postural supports, such as the slimline wedge that can help to ease pain and discomfort when travelling. If someone needs a bit of help lifting themselves into and out of the car, they may consider a car caddie, which fits around the door frame and can offer a supportive handle to use for leverage.

The UK Government still advises people to only use public transport when needed and when other transport is not possible. However, if you do need to take public transport remember to take a mask or face covering, as this is now mandatory for most people in all UK nations.

To view more of the products at NRS Healthcare that can help people to stay comfortable and safe when enjoying days out with the family, please visit our website.

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