Posted on 31/05/2017

Study shows that Baby Boomers feel healthier than Millennials

Study shows that Baby Boomers feel healthier than Millennials

In a recent survey of 122 adults across the UK, we’ve discovered that those aged 55 or over feel much healthier compared to their younger generation counterparts.

It’s often a very real fear that getting older means you won’t be as physically able to take part in the activities you love. So we asked over 100 UK adults, from across the generations, to answer a short survey of 14 questions based on their diet and fitness levels in an effort to determine just how worried we should be about age in relation to poor health.

Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials

To make the results of the survey easy to understand, the participants and their responses were split by age into three commonly known social generations:

  • Millennials: 18-35
  • Generation X: 35-55
  • Baby Boomers: 55+

When asked how they would define their overall fitness, Baby Boomers came out top: 86% of this group described themselves as “average or above” in fitness, whereas 72% of Generation X and only 69% of Millennials gave the same answer.

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Baby Boomers also spend more time exercising, with 43% stating that they exercise most days and 29% of these committing 6-10 hours on exercise weekly. This compares to 24% of people from Generation X saying they exercise most days and only 21% of Millennials; in fact, 45% of Millennials say that they spend only 0-1 hours exercising on a weekly basis!

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Reasons for working out vary greatly between the generations however all the age groups positively identified one thing: walking is always a good way to exercise with 46% of Millennials, 42% of Generation X and a whopping 72% of Baby Boomers agreeing.

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One important piece of information which came to light during the survey was the keen awareness shown by the older generation as to just how much poor health and fitness can affect their daily life. When asked “How important is being physically strong to you?”, 100% of Baby Boomers said it was important compared to 97% of Generation X and 92% of Millennials. This may be explained by the fact access to healthcare is becoming more limited, due to the increasing number of over 65’s year-on-year, and many are noting the importance of staying active as they advance in years to remain healthy for as long as possible.

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How different generations view diet

It is interesting to note that although 100% of Baby Boomers referred to their diet as healthy, only 72% admitted to eating breakfast every day – widely deemed as the most essential meal! Breakfast was most important to Generation X, 77% of whom have it every morning, compared to only 54% of Millennials.

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Another interesting point raised was how the younger generations, who confess to not having as healthy a diet, use vitamins to increase their overall health. Whereas Baby Boomers concentrate on having healthy diet without as many additional vitamin supplements.

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We also feel the survey highlighted some insecurities in the younger generation of Millennials, who experience the pressures of their generation in trying a large number of “fad diets” in an attempt to feel healthy. Millennials have tried far more diets than any other generation, with 22 featuring in their survey answers – the vast majority of which were “fad diets”, including juice cleanses, teatoxes, low carb diets, Lean in 15 and the raw food diet. In contrast, Generation X responded with 10 diets and Baby Boomers with only 5.

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