Posted on 28/03/2014

Sleep Easy with Adjustable Beds from NRS Healthcare

Sleep Easy with Adjustable Beds from NRS Healthcare

Most of us at one time or another has struggled to drift off to sleep at night. Sometimes just finding that comfortable position can be a chore and can mean you’re tossing and turning the entire night. Unfortunately for some, struggling to sleep or get comfortable is a nightly routine. Night time unrest and discomfort can be the result of a number of conditions, mobility limitations or injury being just a couple of examples. Everyone is entitled to a good night’s sleep for the good of their health and wellbeing, and here at NRS Healthcare we are sure to have the ideal solution. We provide a range of adjustable beds that can help those who struggle for a decent night’s sleep in standard beds.

Adjustable Beds in the Home Environment

Profiling adjustable beds are common in hospitals and care home settings, but thanks to NRS Healthcare, these can now be installed in domestic homes. Adjustable beds are specially designed to allow users to achieve a comfortable position whether this is with the bed contoured to your body or with the back or bottom elevated.

Adjustable beds are also ideal for those who are required to spend prolonged periods in bed. By adjusting the back to be upright users are able to comfortably sit up in bed whether this is for eating or for entertainment in the form of puzzles etc. You can view our excellent range of adjustable profiling beds in more detail on our website.

Browse our Range of Innovative Bed Accessories

In addition, NRS Healthcare also provides a wide and innovative range of bed accessories. Our bed accessories range from fall out mats to high tech alarms that will alert carers to the fact that the person under their care has left the bed.

Free Product Advisory Service

Our secure online ordering system allows you to place your order confidently online but if you would like to speak to a member of the NRS Healthcare team about our bed accessories or any of our aids and equipment for daily living you can do so by phoning 0845 287 2215. In addition to providing tools and equipment to help those who need a little extra help carry out day to day tasks we also provide an expert product advisory service.

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