Posted on 05/12/2013

Safer Bathing with Bath Boards from NRS Healthcare

Safer Bathing with Bath Boards from NRS Healthcare

You might think a bath board would not be of any use to you and that the rim of your bath is all the support you need but if you suffer from disability or age related mobility problems then bath boards can make all the difference and even reduces the risk of an accident.

Shower and Bath Boards Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Bathrooms are notoriously dangerous places without measures in place that reduce the risk of a slip. Hard, slippy surfaces make this room one of the most common places for accidents to occur. Luckily, small measures can be taken that greatly reduce this risk and bath boards are just one solution for those who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath due to balance or mobility issues.

Bath boards are an excellent elderly and disability aid that can be securely fitted to the bath and help in a range of ways. Bath boards provide the user with somewhere to sit before they lower themselves into the tub, once seated the user can then safely turn their bodies without having to balance whilst stood in the tub. The bath board can even be used as a bath seat for those who would rather not lower themselves in the bath at all.

Similarly, shower boards feature in our range of disability aids and work much in the same way as bath boards. These allow the user to be seated whilst using the over bath shower and are an excellent daily living aid for the elderly and disabled.

For More Information

You can view the full range of bathing aids on our website. If you are unsure of the function or suitability of any of our products we urge you to get in touch to discuss this with a member of the NRS Healthcare team. Contacting us is easy, simply call 0845 619 5334.

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