Posted on 30/08/2013

Rollators Can Make All the Difference When Venturing Out

Rollators Can Make All the Difference When Venturing Out

Everyone likes to get out and about every now and again. Regardless of whether you are young, old, able bodied or disabled. A trip out is often enough to lighten anyone’s mood but if you struggle with mobility and balance you might find yourself missing out. Here at NRS we believe that by providing the correct support and equipment we can help those who would otherwise be housebound to get out and enjoy the outside world. Whether it’s a trip to the supermarket, simple support equipment such as rollators can make all the difference.

A Brief History and the Evolution of Rollators

A rollator is the term used to describe a wheeled walker. Originally a brand name for the wheeled walkers invented back in 1978 by Swedish polio sufferer Aina Wifalk, rollators is now a generalised term used to describe wheeled walkers in many countries. Considered an integral part of daily life for many people suffering from mobility issues, the rollators have evolved over the years from the basic design by Wifalk. Here at NRS we provide a number of different designs. Not only do rollators provide steady and reliable support to those that tire easy or who may suffer from unsteady balance but rollators can also give users something to store items in. Meaning you will have both hands free to keep you balanced. Brakes can also be included on Walkers and for added benefits a rollator with seat can provide a much needed place to sit for when you need to rest your legs or catch your breath. In addition to being an excellent means of support, we have rollators that are foldable for easy storage, this is ideal for when you need to store your walker in a car boot or for not taking up too much space when catching a bus.

View Our Great Range of Rollators

You can view our fantastic range of rollators walkers and other innovative daily living aids from NRS Healthcare on our website.

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