Posted on 14/11/2019

Results of our recent bake sale and charity walk

Results of our recent bake sale and charity walk

A few days ago, our Head Office in Leicestershire hosted their Bake Sale Bonanza in honour of Carers Trust, whilst our very special OT Assistant in Kent, Kayleigh, took on a mammoth charity walk up Mount Snowdon!

Having hosted a number of Bake Sales at Head Office over the years, Lex and Amy wasted no time in decorating the Boardroom and spreading out all the wonderful baked goods made by several generous (and talented) colleagues. From lip-smacking lemon cake to scrumptious sausage rolls, it was an impressive spread which lead to raising a grand total of £350 with fund matching! Our most successful bake sale to date.

Lex and Amy get ready to open the doors for the Bake Sale

Explaining how our donations can help unpaid carers

Boardroom looking spectacular!

Charity walk up Mount Snowdon

The most impressive charity fundraiser to take place last weekend however, was Kayleigh’s climb up Mount Snowdon! Known as the highest mountain in Wales, and also the highest point in the British Isles outside of the Scottish Highlands, Kayleigh’s charity walk was going to be no picnic at this time of year, which she explained to us.

“The forecast for Saturday was heavy snow showers and very poor visibility on the mountain, so we decided to do the climb on Sunday instead (risk assessment!). We woke up in Wales on Sunday to a very frosty morning with ice on the ground. We went to a local kit hire shop to ask for some advice, and a local we spoke to outside the shop advised us against even attempting to climb that day as there was thick snow at the summit! We went inside the shop for a second opinion and the staff in there suggested we go ahead and turn back when we started to feel apprehensive, so we thought we’d see how far we could get!”

Despite the frosty conditions, Kayleigh and her group began their charity walk up Mount Snowdon and made the most of the spectacular views along the way.

Kayleigh begins her ascent of Mount Snowdon

“We managed to climb three quarters of the way up – 6.8 miles altogether. When we got to the top of one particular slope, the path became thick with ice and very slippery. We met someone coming down who was training to climb Everest and her advice was not to proceed unless an experienced climber trained in using winter gear. The point we stopped at is very close to something known as the ‘Killer Convex’ which has previously lived up to its name in icy conditions.”

Ice and snow start to gather towards the top of the mountain

Given the conditions on the mountain, Kayleigh decided to cut the charity walk short for the safety or her and the group, something we commend her for. And despite not reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon, we still believe she has accomplished a phenomenal achievement by challenging herself to do the charity walk in the first place.

“I am disappointed we couldn’t get to the top to see the amazing views, but in the end safety took over. Really proud of how far we came considering we were unsure at the start of the day if we could even attempt it, but we will return in May 2020 to reach the summit when the winter is over. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun.”

We are excited to tell you that Kayleigh’s charity walk up Mount Snowdon raised an INCREDIBLE £865 with fund matching – something she and her group of climbers should be exceptionally proud of. Combined with the totals from other charity fundraisers for Carer’s Trust, we have raised over £1200 so far towards our £10,000 target, in just one month! And we intend to keep the momentum up over the next year.

If you’re a work colleague who wants to get involved in a fundraiser for Carers Trust, please get in touch with your local NRS Occupational Therapist or Clinical Team member for more information.

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