Posted on 01/08/2013

Reduce the Risk of Slips in the Bath with Boards and Bath Seats

Reduce the Risk of Slips in the Bath with Boards and Bath Seats

According to reports the majority of accidents happen in the home. Bathrooms are one of the most likely places for an accident to occur in the home and for elderly people this risk is increased due to instability and not having safety precautions in place. NRS would like to draw your attention to our great range of aids that through innovative thought and simple design succeed in reducing the accident risk in the bathroom. The bath board and bath seats are testament to this.

Boards and Bath Seats Transform Bath Time

Falls are one of the most common types of accidents and in the over 65s can be some of the most serious. Not only can a fall cause serious injury but the psychological impact of a fall can present other long lasting issues such as damaged confidence which may result in reduced mobility and independence. Independence is one of those words that can sometimes be overlooked and does not mean much until you start to feel it slipping away and a slip in the bathroom can be the catalyst that causes this.

Here at NRS we understand the importance of independence and with our aids we aim to give you the tools to keep your independence. Bath seats are a simple design that gives the individual the ability to get in and out of the bath with ease and often without the help of another person. By reducing the distance people have to lower themselves into the bath drastically reduces the risk of slips. Limited strength can make steadying yourself at a height difficult; with a bath seat you can be confident that bath time is made less strenuous.  Bath boards are another simple design from NRS that can make all the difference. This allows you to get in and out of the bath safely by reducing the need to step straight into the bath.

Browse Our Fantastic Range for Something to Suite You

You can browse our fantastic range of aids on our website and find what is right for you. Maintain your independence and make life easier with our simple designs. You can also contact us at NRS Healthcare on 0845 287 1403 for more information.

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