Posted on 20/09/2013

Reduce the Risk of Cross Infection with Infection Control Products from NRS Healthcare

Reduce the Risk of Cross Infection with Infection Control Products from NRS Healthcare

In recent years we have been hearing an awful lot about infection control. Although infection control has always been of paramount importance, because of epidemics and hospital sanitary conditions being under fire in recent years we’re all being told we should do our bit to help stop the spread of infection.

Home Care Infection Control is Just as Important

There are stringent requirements in hospitals and other health establishments that are in place to ensure that cross infection does not occur and patients are given the best care possible. With the help of inventive and compact equipment now available today, we are seeing a lot of care being given in the home that otherwise would have required time in hospital. Many people prefer this method due to creature comforts and it has even been said to be safer on a health basis as it does not mean the close proximity of many ill people sometimes suffering from contagious infections. This being said, it does not mean that we should not have methods in place that keep the home clean of harmful bacteria. Here at NRS Healthcare not only do we provide a wide range of equipment that is designed to allow for care giving in the home but that also ensures that this is done in the most sanitary conditions possible. Infection control is just as important in the home and simple products such as hand sanitisers, body sprays, surface wipes and disposable aprons and gloves go a long way towards infection control. All these products can be easily ordered online from our website.

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We also provide a very wide range of aids for daily living that support people with a plethora of needs. From mobility chairs to grab rails and everything in between you are sure to find something that has the ability to enhance the quality of life and provide excellent support to the user.

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