Posted on 28/08/2013

Rebound Therapy Made Accessible for Everyone with the Right Equipment

Rebound Therapy Made Accessible for Everyone with the Right Equipment

There are many forms of therapy designed aid with a multitude of disabilities and injuries. One of the many therapies available today that is becoming increasingly popular and sought after is a therapy called Rebound therapy. The phrase was first coined in 1969 and was used to describe the use of trampolines for therapeutic exercise and recreation for people suffering from disabilities on various levels. In this modern age, Rebound therapy is no longer restricted to trampolines and can be performed on a variety of equipment. The basic principal is to provide freedom with controlled movement. Rebound therapy aims to promote balance, relaxation and improve fitness and tolerance towards exercise.

Don’t Miss Out on the Amazing Benefits of Rebound Therapy

NRS Healthcare strive to provide the tools and equipment that make a plethora of therapies accessible to everyone who requires them. Rebound therapy benefits are endless and with our aids that include safety mats, mobile hoists and supports systems we make this type of therapy achievable at home. Rebound therapy is a fantastic method of physical therapy and can prove as an invaluable activity for those seeking physical rehabilitation. Not does rebound therapy provide health and rehabilitation benefits but it is also fun and engaging for both the patient and the carer and can be an amazing, uplifting and bonding experience.

NRS Healthcare have been providing disability and mobility aids for over 60 years now and then we have a fantastic varied range of items that cover a wide range of day to day tasks and forms of therapy. Our product development team has a mind for enhancing people’s quality of life whatever their disability, with products such as remote control sockets, NRS Healthcare keep up to date with everyday needs of their customers.

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