Posted on 06/06/2017

Read our FREE Gardening Guide for disabled and older people

Read our FREE Gardening Guide for disabled and older people

We all know how fickle English weather can be, but although it might be frustrating for us, our gardens thrive on the constantly changing climate. With plenty of showers to keep plants and flowers hydrated and warm sunny days enticing us to spend more time outdoors, Summer is the perfect time to begin gardening and “grow-your-own” so you’ll have something to be proud of come the end of the season.

Gardening with mobility issues

Of course, if you’re older or disabled and living with mobility issues it can sometimes be daunting to think outside the four walls of home. But the beauty of gardening is that you really don’t have to go very far to have a go – even growing a beautiful flower box on your windowsill can be fulfilling!

Our Gardening Guide provides a range of tips to help you garden according to your own abilities and even suggests tools which can assist in overcoming any physical challenges, encouraging you to get outdoors, stay active and grow your confidence.

From greenhouses to gardens and allotments – bring a bit of beauty to your outdoor space and build your skills to become a green-fingered gardening genius!

Gardening Guide sneak peak

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