Posted on 18/04/2014

Raising Dementia Awareness and Providing Solutions at Naidex 2014

Raising Dementia Awareness and Providing Solutions at Naidex 2014

This week the NRS team are preparing for our latest exhibition on ‘Supporting Independent Living’, at the Naidex Centre running from Tuesday 29th April until Thursday 1st May 2014. On Tuesday 29th April at 2.00pm there will be a ‘soapbox session’ that will focus on helping to ‘Create Dementia Friendly Communities and Homes’, which will be hosted by our own Occupational Therapist, Rachel Seabrook

Creating Dementia Friendly Communities and Homes

Anyone that is familiar with dementia will understand the impact this can have, not only on the sufferer’s life, but also friends and relatives. Dementia affects around 800,000 people in the UK and is most common in those of advancing age. Unfortunately there is no cure for most types of dementia but there are ways in which we can manage this syndrome and slow down its progression. NRS Healthcare provides a wide selection of highly effective dementia aids ranging from basic daily living aids right through to high tech gadgets and everything in between.

Showcasing Effective and Appropriate Dementia Aids from NRS Healthcare

NRS Healthcare are committed to providing the most appropriate and functional daily living and dementia aids. We work closely with healthcare professionals and health care providers in order to ensure that our customers individual needs and requirements are met. We get involved in all things healthcare where and when we can, which is why we support organisations and initiatives such as Dementia Friends. Dementia Friends strive to encourage and create support networks in local communities across the nation. By the end of 2014 we aim for every NRS employee to become a Dementia Friend and hope that eventually we will have a Dementia Champions situated across each site.

The upcoming Naidex stand is just one of many events focused on the health of the nation that NRS Healthcare
get involved with. At these events we showcase some of our most popular and effective products, and aim to provide potential customers with a better understanding of these.  We proudly manage the Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES) for a number of local authorities and primary care trusts, with 17 ICES contracts covering over 10m people. At the Naidex event, Rachel Seabrook’s session on Dementia is designed to raise awareness on the condition and also the ways that the symptoms can be managed on a daily basis.

Visit NRS at Naidex on Stand B130

We welcome you to get involved and visit NRS Healthcare at Naidex 2014. We will be there for the duration of the event, starting on Tuesday 29th April until Thursday the 1st May. Rachel will be on hand to provide additional information or provide an interview throughout the Naidex 2014 event, on stand B130 and will begin her soapbox session at 2pm on the Tuesday. Don’t miss it!

Getting in Touch with NRS Healthcare

If you would like more information regarding the event or if you would like further information on any of the dementia aids and equipment we provide then do not hesitate to contact the NRS Healthcare team direct on 0845 805 8831.

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