Posted on 04/09/2012

Quality products for those who struggle with mobility

Quality products for those who struggle with mobility

Many of our customers here at NRS Healthcare are on the search for quality products to support those who struggle with moving around. That’s why we offer a range of mobility and access aids aimed to help those who are less mobile. Two of the most popular pieces of disability equipment we offer are transit chairs and portable wheel chair ramps.

Transit chairs are a valuable piece of disability equipment, ideal for helping people who struggle to walk or navigate around their home or outdoors. For people who are usually seated in the same place all day, transit chairs give them the chance to become more mobile around their home and are the ideal solution for transporting to and from vehicles for days out, hospital visits, etc.

We offer a range of fantastic transit chairs which provide excellent usability and functionality. They feature lightweight aluminium frames to make moving around easier, integral waist straps to maximise safety and padded supports for backs and arms, giving superior comfort. All of our transit chairs are foldable, able to be packed away in a convenient bag, making them ideal for transportation and storage.

Our ever-expanding range of disability equipment has become popular nationwide, and with exceptional quality, it’s easy to understand why. One of the most popular products we stock is our range of portable wheelchair ramps.

Our practical, portable wheel chair ramps are ideal for helping those in wheelchairs to get in and out of the house without having to leave their wheelchair. Not only are they great for entering and exiting the house, our portable wheel chair ramps are also useful around the rest of the home, giving wheel chair users the ability to navigate small steps or over awkward areas.

Our products are not only ideal for use in and around the home, we sell wheel chair ramps to help people when they’re out of the house too, perhaps when on holiday or when they’re visiting a friend. Easily foldable, while some can be rolled up, these portable ramps can be carried in a bag which can then be hung up on the back of a wheel chair making them practical for users.

Like all of our other disabled products, both transit chairs and portable ramps are essential disability equipment, specifically designed to make life easier.

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